Plan of Maintenance and safety

The general conditions of design, maintenance and corrosion protection for underground pipe are minimum recommendations for safe and efficient operation of the station measurement and regulation of natural gas as well as the distribution network, equipment and appliances. For this, it performs a Maintenance and Security Plan that helps us to maintain optimal conditions in the facilities in order to avoid possible leaks, pressure drops, damage and / or any other abnormality that may arise.

It consists of a visit to camp with the aim of obtaining a diagnosis where we check the facilities, equipment and appliances and design a Plan of Preventive Maintenance tailored to your company without charge. This will keep the facility operating in a correct and efficient both in the field of safety and performance.
Within the Plan of Preventive Maintenance, we can mention, among others, the tasks that are carried out:

• Verification calibrated valves regulators, blocking, control and security for relief.
• Inspections and leak testing of the various mechanical elements mounted.
• Change operation of the branches of regulation, proceeding to spend the reserves to active branch and vice versa to ensure their availability to non-operability of some of the ingredients.
• Lubrication and lubrication of the elements installed.
• Verification manometers.
• Verification purge valves.
• Measuring the percentage gas-air mixture.
• Verification of corrosion protection: insulating and cathodic.
• Tasks paint metal surfaces that conform to the plant itself.
• Verification of the explosion-proof electrical installation, according to existing rules.
• Verification vents plant regulation, according to existing rules.
• Clean the compound.
• Changes diaphragms and the various elements of internal control valves


Solutions tailored to your company.

Smart Investment: for a monthly fee, maintains its facilities and equipment operating properly and efficiently, ensuring its continued production, lowering energy costs, increasing life expectancy and improving the productivity of your business.

Reducing energy costs: regular inspections and proper maintenance will help identify and adjust equipment to enable them to operate efficiently, thus enabling it to save money.

Increasing the lifespan of equipment: our system of regular inspections, the useful life of equipment and appliances increased due to be operating properly.

Importance of maintenance facilities

The lack of maintenance by qualified personnel, can generate a high risk in the operation and safety of installations and cause the supply cut, if necessary by various gas distribution companies. It is important to mention that it can generate losses for damages directly or as a result of accidents.